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Kibagabaga, Kigali

We are pleased to share that our counselling students have completed their first level of the 6 month lay counselling training!!! 45 hours of teaching in Basic Skills in Counselling. Topics include: What is Counselling, Confidentiality, Active Listening, Attending Behavior, Empathy, Open and Close Ended Questions, Emotions vs.Thoughts, Primary and Secondary Emotions, Goal Setting, Termination and Self

Care of the Counselor. Congratulations Students, you have worked hard and have been very diligent. Well done!

Our Foundations level of counselling has been both exciting and challenging for our students as they have learned to practice their new found skills with one another. Our program has a strong practical component . The students practice counselling skills every Monday night on one another.

This past week we started on our next module: Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Last Mondays class was very powerful as our students (and teachers) were working through areas of un-forgiveness in their own lives. Please pray with us in these next weeks as we dig deep into ourselves and the subject matter so that we can be set free individually and then in turn help those who also find forgiveness as a challenge. More to come and please like and follow our Facebook page for more

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